The East End of Roatan includes the areas, towns and villages of Johnston Bight, Milton Bight, Politilly Bight, Punta Gorda, Punta Blanca, Diamond Rock, Paya Bay, and Camp Bay along the North shore. First Bight, Neverstain Bight, Jonesville Point, Jonesville, Oak Ridge is the Municipal seat, Fiddler’s Bight, Calabash Bight, Port Royal, Old Port Royal and Helene on the South shore.

“Up East” is the term used to come to the East End because you are driving along the mountain top ridge that runs through the middle of Roatan.  The one main road has paved and dirt side roads to both the north and south side.  The road is paved up to the turn-off going to Camp Bay; from there on to Camp Bay is gravel road.  Several areas of the South shore are water access only.

East End Roatan is like being in the country, yet only 20-45 minutes to shopping, Airport, Medical care and Restaurants.  This is the quiet, restful Caribbean you are thinking of with dive shops on both North and South shore with 3-5 divers per trip to undiscovered dive sites; where you know your neighbors and get together for potluck Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday parties or just a lazy day in the pool with friends.

Properties in the East End are generally in the ½ acre to ¾ acre size, your privacy is assured.  Vacation homes on beach frontage are available in several locations, Views from all areas-ocean or jungle.