Native Tours – Take a unique tour of the East End of Roatan and experience our rich native and natural heritage. We offer several selections of Kayaking, snorkeling, sightseeing, boating to surrounding islands tours.

Get a slice of daily life, while watching the local commute on the water ways. Visit with the oldest continuously settled community on the island. With genuine interaction, find out why the Garifuna are considered by UNESCO to be one of the most unique people-groups in the world today.

We believe our clients deserve substance, great service and expertise. Our aim is to continuously follow through with the promise to connect travelers with the native and natural heritage of Roatan through the following goals:

  • Create authentic experiences.
  • Satisfy the curiosity of the traveler regarding the culture ​ and history of the region.
  • Create unique event-oriented excursions.
  • Provide a fully escorted experience.
  • Facilitate genuine and enriching encounters with real native people.

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